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Ozone Converter Overhaul

AeroPartsTM services over ½ of the world’s fleet of ozone converters. Our services include testing, cleaning and AeroCOAT®, a proprietary process that restores up to 99% of the converter’s original performance. AeroPartsTM has extensive physical repair capabilities, such as flange replacement and internal core stabilization. Our performance services combined with our physical repair capabilities means that your converter will always be repairable. More than 99% of all ozone converters received are returned to service, virtually eliminating scrap events. AeroPartsTM has invested heavily in building an extensive exchange pool so you don’t need to stock expensive spares that could potentially sit in inventory for a year or two.

Testing determines whether the converter is treated with AeroCLEAN® or the full restoration of AeroCOAT®.

Restores to Like-New Performance.

Restores up to 99% efficiency.

AeroPartsTM proven and proprietary catalytic restoration process, AeroCOAT® restores up to 99% efficiency in virtually all types and sizes of ozone converters. AeroCOAT® provides a true restoration of the converter by adding ozone-splitting catalyst. During service, the converter may lose some of its catalyst due to air erosion and expansion/contraction from cycling of the system. Catalyst can also be “lost” during harsh or ineffective cleaning processes. In these cases, the only way to gain back the lost efficiency is to either AeroCOAT® or recore. AeroCOAT® is the fastest, most cost-effective solution simply because we don’t need to cut the case open to apply this proprietary solution. Experience the benefit of “new” without the high cost and time associated with recoring.

  • Faster turn-time & lower cost than recoring.
  • Restores up to 99% efficiency.
  • Extends life span & defers replacement costs.
  • Expands removal intervals & reduces spares.

AeroCOAT® – Nitrogen Generating System (NGS)

protect expensive air separator module with AeroCOAT®

Many customers operating fuel tank inerting systems are asking AeroPartsTM to AeroCOAT® the system’s ozone converters at each shop visit even though clean would be sufficient. AeroCOAT® of the NGS converters provides increased protection against harmful ozone reaching the delicate fibers of the Air Separator Modules (ASM). Once ozone has damaged the ASM’s fiber, the ASM is no longer serviceable and must be repaired or replaced – a very expensive component.

OEMs and others are encouraging operators to address the risk associated with high amounts of ozone reaching the ASM. We hear recommendations such as replacement of filters with expensive “ozone reduction filters” or removing the NGS converter more frequently for service, such as 7K hours instead of 12K hours. We believe these are effective yet very expensive approaches. Many operators are choosing to AeroCOAT® their NGS converters instead. AeroCOAT® at each shop visit is a low-cost solution that makes your NGS converter perform like NEW.

AeroCOAT® – Environmental Control System

Lower cost while improving cabin air quality with AeroCOAT®

High levels of ozone, found where airplanes fly, can be harmful to passengers and crew if allowed to enter the cabin airstream. Ozone converters are placed between the engine and the cabin to convert harmful ozone to oxygen. The ozone converter must be removed periodically for service in order to restore efficiency the converter has lost due to contamination and cycling.

By using AeroCOAT® at each shop visit, operators are able to increase the overall performance of their ozone converters, while improving cabin air quality. This strategy extends removal intervals and decreases the number of shop visits which ultimately saves money.

AeroCOAT® is a true catalytic coating restoration of the ozone/splitting catalyst that returns full converter function for a fraction of the cost of new.

Low Cost Performance Enhancing Process.

Faster turn-time. lower cost.

AeroCLEAN® is our proprietary cleaning process designed to remove bonded contaminants from the converter without stripping the catalyst. The AeroCLEAN® process removes contaminants covering the converters core, re-exposing the catalyst so it can do its job. Our AeroCOAT® catalytic restoration process, a much faster and lower cost option than Re-coring, is a great option if the converter’s efficiency fails to meet minimum standards after AeroCLEAN®.

  • Option for higher performing converters
  • Saves money and improves performance
  • Tested before and after cleaning

Testing to Define Converter Performance.

Performance Testing

Understanding the exact performance of an ozone converter before and after treatment is essential to determining the appropriate restoration process. Our ultra-precise ozone conversion test equipment forces a controlled mixture of ozone and hot air to replicate in-flight conditions. The ozone concentration is measured as the air mixture exits the converter to assure compliance with strict aviation standards.

Inbound Testing

AeroPartsTM is one of the few that provide inbound testing for ozone converters, if requested. As part of our program management package, AeroPartsTM tests ozone converters in the “as received” condition before performing any restorations. We take the results of each inbound test over time and develop a statistical analysis that we can provide to the operator/customer so that evaluation can be completed to assure converters are being removed at the right time interval (e.g. 12,000 flight hours). An operator may see that ozone converters with high remaining performance, when removed from the aircraft, could be left on longer. Inversely, converters with poor performance may need to be removed more frequently or perhaps AeroCOAT® at each shop event, so they perform better, longer. Inbound testing is one of many things that AeroPartsTM offers to make sure customers ozone converter maintenance program is optimized.

Return to Service Testing

Each ozone converter is tested to confirm performance before being returned to the customer. AeroPartsTM provides a test result in the document package with each returned converter. We also record the final test results in our program management database for future analysis. This test information provides assurance that the converter can be operated without issue until the next service interval.

Converters that test below acceptable levels are routed to our AeroCLEAN® or AeroCOAT® process