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Next Generation component Repair

AeroParts is one of the world’s largest and most reliable sources for aircraft duct repair and complex metal and composite part restoration. We specialize in larger metal ducts, composite plenums, water extractors, manifolds, mufflers and other sheet metal parts. Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to replace details that others would try to patch or just deem scrap.

Our drop hammer capabilities extend the repairability of your part to help you avoid purchasing an expensive replacement. Specializing in both current-production and out-of–production aircraft, so operators of current production aircraft can find solutions as well as operators of older aircraft where parts may no longer be procurable.

Duct Repair & Exchange

  • Duct Repair & Exchange

As a FAA Certified 145 Repair Station, AeroPartsTM is proud of our global reputation for precision duct repair. Our drop-hammer manufacturing capabilities enable us to create new and exact replacements for heavily damaged parts. AeroPartsTM also maintains an extensive inventory of no-wait exchange parts for common aircraft ducts.

Composite Plenums

Composite Plenums
  • Composite Plenums

AeroPartsTM not only transforms highly distressed and damaged plenums into fully functioning components, but we’ve introduced innovative solutions to the repair process that strengthen and reinforce common failure points, greatly extending on-wing life.

Thermal Anti-Ice Ducts (TAI)

  • Thermal Anti-Ice Ducts (TAI)

Easily damaged by servicing nearby components or failure from metal fatigue, TAI ducts are inspected, tested, repaired and returned to service. AeroPartsTM also fabricates new replacements for these critical safety components when parts are beyond economical repair.

These complex repairs can often take longer than your requirements. AeroParts offers an extensive inventory of no-wait exchange parts and our comprehensive collection of precision fabrication forms often allows for the speedy replication of even the most complex components. Whether restoring damaged ducting, composite ducting or complete build-to-print fabrication, AeroParts matches OEM specifications and delivers quality worldwide.

No Wait Exchange Program

AeroParts is a trusted supplier to aircraft manufacturers and their first-tier suppliers. We offer a comprehensive spectrum of custom aviation manufacturing capabilities backed by more than five decades of aviation part manufacturing expertise. With one of the country’s largest drop hammer facilities and our NADCAP-accredited heat treat and welding capabilities, we’re able to form, trim, fit and weld the most complex metal shapes and cost-effectively produce low-volume runs.

THERMAL ANTI-ICE DUCT PART NUMBERS: A320/CFM56-5 Family: 238D0611-509,238D0611-507, 238D0611-505, 14495-509, 14495-507, 14495-505. Alternate Part Numbers: 238D0611-505, 238D0611-503/-507/-509, 14495-503/-509, 238D0611-503/-507/-509, 14495-503/-507, 14495-505, 14495-503/-507/-509, 238D0611-503/-509,14495-503/-507/-509, 238D0611-503/-507

PLENUM (FAN INLET DIFFUSER HOUSING) PART NUMBERS: B757 PW2000 Family: 332N3751-14. B777 Family: 810207-9,810207-8,810207-7,810207-6,810207-4,810207-3. Alternate Part Numbers: 810207-4,-6,-7,-8 ,-9, 810207-3 ,-6,-7,-8,-9, 810207-3, -4,-7,-8,-9,810207-3,-4,-6,-8,-9, 810207-3,-4,-6,-7,-9, 810207-3,-4,-6,-7,-8