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Our new polymer technology lasts far longer and costs far less.

AeroParts is lowering the high removal rate of Boeing 737 Air Separation Modules with our NitroPURE ASM. This advanced polymer technology ASM has proven to be more resistant to fuel, heat and stress which means more wing-time, less down-time and less cost than other replacement ASMs.

With millions of on-wing hours in developing replacement ASM’s AeroParts is redefining the NGS category with much more than a replacement part…AeroParts is offering a superior ASM solution.

NitroPURE Air Separator Module

AeroParts NitroPURE air separation module boasts greater nitrogen generation efficiency and increased tolerance to heat, fuel and mechanical stressors. This new industry-leading solution is made possible by an advanced polymer which forms the tiny hollow air separation fibers of the membrane. This advanced, thermally cross-linked technology creates a stronger bond which results in significantly improved performance and a greater tolerance to the harsh aircraft flight environment.

air separator module
B737 membrane

  • Resistant to fuel contamination
  • Tolerant to extreme heat
  • Oven-tempered tube sheet resists cracking
  • Increases nitrogen production
  • Costs less than other ASMs
  • Instant exchange available

NitroPURE. The industry’s only cleanable ASM.

In the event that an AeroParts NitroPURE ASM is ever contaminated by fuel, unlike other ASMs which must be discarded, NitroPURE ASMs can be cleaned and restored to previous performance levels with our low-cost, quick-turn proprietary cleaning process, NitroCLEAN.

While other asm fibers actually dissolve in jet fuel, The thermally cross-linked fibers in our nitropure asm are stronger and more resistant to the solvent effects of fuel.

Asm Performance
Extensive testing proves our advanced polymer NitroPURE ASM greatly exceeds the performance of other ASMs resulting in longer on wing hours.