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Aircraft fuel tank inerting systems mitigate risk associated with fuel vapor ignition. AeroParts has developed solutions to repair expensive components within the system to reduce costs. Our repairs focus on identifying why the component failed and addressing those failures with improved designs. We repair Air Separator Modules, Ozone Converters, Air Filtration and O2 sensors for many fleets.

air separator module

AeroParts can repair critical, high-cost components within your fuel tank inerting system.

Ozone converter

AeroParts offers two proprietary solutions for restoring your catalytic ozone converters.

Oxygen Sensor

Our fast-track restoration process returns circuitry to original function.

Restoring Nitrogen Generation Components to Peak Performance.

air separator module

The premature failure of the air separator module for the B737 is due to leaking membranes. The OEM design for the B737 incorporates a membrane that does not hold up to the harsh aircraft operating environment. AeroParts evaluated the root cause for failure and redesigned a more durable membrane that is offered as a repair.

AeroParts has repaired hundreds of B737 ASMs and have achieved over ½ million flight hours – with no more cracked or leaking issues with the membrane.

AeroParts also holds a large exchange pool for this ASM and can provide quick shop turns for those that want their SN returned. AeroParts has proven solutions for your ASM.

  • Faster turn-time & lower cost than replacement.
  • Extends life span & defers replacement costs.